Montgomery County, Center of Civil Cybersecurity

Strategically positioned to access the $14 billion federal cyber market, as well as a growing corporate cybersecurity market

A significant cluster of companies located in Montgomery county provide cybersecurity solutions to federal government agencies and the private sector.

Their solutions span the spectrum of cybersecurity needs including defensive and offensive capabilities, SCADA, cloud security, access control and authentication, network security, forensics, etc.  The cluster includes large federal contractors such as Lockheed Martin, as well as strong innovative companies such as Sonatype, Triumfant, Koolspan, RioRey and many others.

National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is an exciting addition to our growing cybersecurity sector, especially in commercial cyber applications. Established in 2012 through a partnership among NIST, the State of Maryland and Montgomery County, NCCoE is dedicated to furthering innovation through the rapid identification, integration and adoption of practical cybersecurity solutions.  NCCoE integrates commercially available technologies to build practical cybersecurity solutions that can be rapidly applied to the real challenges that businesses face each day.

Cybersecurity Financing and Incentives

  • CyberMaryland – learn about the many programs and incentives, including the Maryland Venture Fund and CyberMaryland Fund along with  tax credit programs for security clearances and SCIFF space, offered by the State to support the growth and success of the cybersecurity sector.
  • Montgomery County Cybersecurity Investor Tax Credit Supplement Program  –  a companion program to the Maryland cybersecurity investor tax credit designed to spur investment in local cyber companies.

Cybersecurity Events and Resources

DED participates in the following cyber events and programs, and is happy to coordinate company participation in these activities:

Workforce, Education and Training